Civil Law and Administrative Law in Europe

L’Ecole d’été France Excellence 2017 « Droit civil et droit administratif en Europe », organisée par le Forum Montesquieu et l’Université de Bordeaux, aura lieu au mois de juillet 2017. Elle portera sur les défis que doit affronter le monde juridique européen face à une internationalisation grandissante mais également face aux mutations technologiques et environnementales.

French and European Law in a global world

Introduction to legal research
July 2018



Introduction du projet pédagogique

The 2018 France Excellence Summer School on "Civil Law and Administrative Law in Europe", organised by the Forum Montesquieu and the University of Bordeaux, will be held in July 2017. It will cover the challenges confronting the European legal world, in the face of growing globalisation and technological and environmental change.

In a context of increasingly international exchanges, European law must be harmonised in order to prevent technological, financial and environmental risks. The 2018 Summer School will therefore offer high-level classes in English, meetings with leading teacher-researchers and international experts, together with work sessions in groups. Training sessions are planned with foreign PhD students already enrolled at the University of Bordeaux.

This will also be an opportunity to discover the world of legal research with a view to preparing for doctoral study in France, whilst learning about the country, its culture and language in pleasant conditions and surroundings.


Date d’accueil à Paris, date de début des cours : 

Welcome in Paris: the Sunday 1st July 2018

Start of the courses: the Monday 2nd July 2018

End of the courses and cultural activities: the Friday 27th July 2018

Return to Paris the Saturday 28th July 2018


Présentation succincte de l’établissement et de l’école : 

The field of research is a driving force of the University of Bordeaux. The university employs around 5,600 staff members, of which nearly 4,000 are academic and research staff. They are recognized for the quality of their scientific and teaching qualifications.  The excellence of its competencies in all scientific fields was recognized in July 2011 when the university was awarded the "Initiative of Excellence". This award consists of an endowment of 700M€ to support the growth and development of research. In 2016, the University of Bordeaux was one of only three universities in France to obtain confirmation of this program. The university welcomes almost 2,000 PhD students, currently has 280 joint thesis (co-tutelle) agreements running, boasts 19 international associated laboratories and much more. Check out our key figures section to discover the scope of our research activities.

The University of Bordeaux remains true to its open and humanistic philosophy. This openness is illustrated via the numerous partnerships with international universities (over 1,000 cooperation agreements have been signed with over 500 establishments worldwide). Dedicated programs have been implemented with Japan (Tsukuba, Kyoto, Kyushu), California, Canada (Laval, Montreal, Waterloo) and the Basque campus of excellence, "Euskampus".

The Montesquieu Forum is a centre of expertise dedicated to societal innovation. This "Excellence Initiative" (IdEx project) aims to promote and develop the University of Bordeaux’s assets as a leading research and capacity building institution. The Montesquieu Forum has been specifically created to strengthen social and economic partnerships as well as to enhance knowledge through research, training and scientific dissemination activities.





Students will be housed in studio flats in the heart of Bordeaux. The courses takes place at the “pôle juridique et judiciaire” at Bordeaux Centre, next to the City Hall, Bordeaux Cathedral and the National School for Magistrates.



Lunches will be covered by the University. As for evening meals, students will be free to take these wherever they wish, and discover the city from a different perspective. There will be an opening ceremony ended with a cocktail party and a closing ceremony followed by a garden party.


Transport on site :

From the accommodation to the law faculty, the participants will use the tramways (a direct line for 10 minutes (three stations)). For tourism activities inside Bordeaux, the public transportation of Bordeaux will be the first option. For the excursions and tours outside the city, private buses will be rented specifically for the Summer Law School.


Academic program










L’école d’été sera d’initiation à la recherche et sera composée de plusieurs modules. Un tronc commun en séance plénière permettra d’envisager les éléments essentiels de la culture juridique française et européenne (pour un volume de 16 heures). Deux parcours seront proposés : l’un en droit public et l’autre en droit privé. Chaque parcours sera subdivisé en modules : droit des contrats, droit de la responsabilité et droit du contentieux.

64 heures d’enseignement juridique

o 16 heures de culture juridique générale

o 24 heures dans le parcours de droit privé (découpé en 8 heures pour chacun des 3 modules)

o 24 heures dans le parcours de droit public (découpé en 8 heures pour chacun des 3 modules)

The Summer School will serve as an introduction to research and consist in a number of modules. A common core of full sessions will serve to present the essential aspects of French legal culture (total of 16 hours). Two courses will be offered: one in public law and the other in private law. Each course will be divided into specialised modules on legal emergent research issues in contract law, tort law, litigation.


-16 hours of introduction to French language

-64 hours of legal teaching

·         16 hours on general legal culture

·         24 hours on the private law course (divided into 8 hours for each of the 3 modules)

·         24 hours on the public law course (divided into 8 hours for each of the 3 modules)