INSA Lyon is one of the great French universities for science and technology. Engineering students and PhD candidates are trained to become humanists highly talented and both innovative and entrepreneurial.


INSA Lyon is one of the great French universities for science and technology.

Engineering students and PhD candidates are trained to become humanists highly talented and both innovative and entrepreneurial.

Diversity, excellence, openness and innovation are the driving forces behind INSA Lyon, which, over the course of after 60 years of existence still embodies an avant-garde and resolutely modern vision of engineering.

INSA engineers boast excellent scientific and technical expertise, are capable of understanding the issues at the heart of their companies, and actively contribute to the evolution of their world.

On the Higher Education scene, it ranks among the top 10 engineering schools in Europe.

It also has the vocation to become a center for research and innovation recognized throughout the world, a partner of choice for business and industry.



During  this  4-week  Summer  Program, students  will learn about  European  Perspectives  in  Engineering  and  Innovation through innovative and interactive teaching.

They will acquire valuable international experience, get to know French culture and learn some French.

This Summer Program is also a perfect opportunity for students to discover INSA Lyon, a place they may want  to come back to.





Lyon has an international airport (Saint exupéry – LYS), with connections to European major hubs.

You will arrive in Lyon on June the 20th. An e-ticket will be sent to you a few days before your departure to take the shuttle from the airport to the city centre. Someone will wait for you at the airport or in the city centre to drop you at INSA (according to the Chinese students’ arrival schedule).


The school will provide accommodation for all the participants a residence offering twin-rooms with a kitchenette and a private bathroom. The residence is located on the campus.


Lunches are included in the programme and will take place in university restaurants.

Breakfasts and dinners are not included.

Few breakfasts and dinners will be provided by INSA Lyon for specific occasions.



Transportation is provided to participants during the program.

You will live very close to the tram that will allow you to get to the city center in 15 minutes.

You will be given 20 one-day passes (one for each day you will have an outdoor activity/class).


End of the school and return to China: End of school : July 19th  Return to China : July 19th evening



Please find more details on the syllabus here



INSA Lyon’s summer school offers 2 units (both compulsory):

- Management and Innovation in Europe : 45 hours of class driven by Stanislas Dembinski as the academic coordinator, for 6 ECTS credits :


The whole of this unit is driven by an innovation project conducted by a team of 4 to 6 students (depending on the number of students taking part in the program) and called the CIBUM challenge (Creativity to Innovation to Business Model)

 Each team will have to invent a new technological offer on a given need, product or service, for the French market and prepare the launching strategy.


- French Language, Cross-Cultural Communication, Industry & Society: 45 hours of class driven by Jeannie Jouffroy, academic coordinator, for 6 ECTS credits :


Cross-Cultural Communication : Using interactive teaching tools such as student-led discussions, debates and interviews this section of the course aims to build the knowledge base and the cultural empathy necessary to increase the students’ ability to perceive, analyze and understand cross-cultural differences.

Industry and Society : Using a case-study approach, we will use our location in Lyon, France’s ‘Second City’, as a base for studying the impact of different industries on society and social institutions over time.


Level : Undergraduate and graduate / sciences and engineering students



Besides theses classes, we will organize 2 sessions of 3 hours each with researchers and PhD students to give you the opportunity:

- to discuss about research at INSA Lyon

- to meet up with researchers and PhD students in your area of study




- Introduction to French Language and Culture : The focus of this unit will be on the oral French used in daily life.



In addition to the classes, we will offer some cultural activities such as:

- an official opening dinner in a local restaurant

- a day-trip to Annecy included a guided-visit of the old town, a picnic in front of the lake and some free-time in the city

- a day-trip to Chamonix included a visit of the highest peak in Europe, a lunch in a restaurant and some free-time in the city

- a cooking activity

- an orienteering in Lyon city center with a student association

- a closing ceremony with a cocktail

- a company’s visit

Most of the activities are organised with support and participation of INSA Lyon permanent students and will give you opportunity to meet French young people.




Welcome date : 20th June 2018

From June 20th to July 19th at INSA Lyon

The total number of places is limited to  5 through the EEFE program.

The price does not include the trip from China to Lyon.

Accommodation, lunches and  local transportation are all included

The summer school will deliver 12  ECTS.

The summer school is open to BACHELOR & MASTER students.

To apply, please follow the application procedure described on the main page