ESSEC PhD Program, France

ESSEC Business School belongs to the select group of European institutions delivering a PhD Program that meets the highest international standards. Our program offers great opportunities for bright and motivated students.

Program Overview
•    General Requirement Courses: they provide students with an overview of the different fields of business administration, the various methodologies used, and common statistical tools. This gives students a unique interdisciplinary perspective on research in business administration and economics.
•    Specialized courses and seminars: they focus on methodological issues and research tools in the specific fields. They also examine theoretical developments in each field, the current state of the art, and the frontiers of research.
•    After the successful completion of the two first years of the program and of the preliminary exams, students are awarded an Advanced Master in Business Administration Research.
•    Dissertation Proposal (end of second year): students work with one or two ESSEC professors who guide and direct their research.
•    Dissertation Defense is expected by the end of the fourth year.

Who should apply?
•    Candidates need to possess the ability to engage in high-quality research and show a real vocation for teaching. They must also demonstrate a solid educational background.
•    Applicants should have an outstanding (four-year) Bachelor’s degree (BA, BSc or equivalent) or higher qualification (a Master’s degree would be an asset).
•    French students can apply with four or more years of post-secondary studies (“Bac+4”).
•    European students with a Master’s in Research (MRes) are also welcome to apply – successful applicants would gain exemption from certain courses/seminars and depending on their background, would follow a shorter sequence of courses.
•    The program is open to top students from Business and Economics schools, but also from fields such as Engineering, Sciences, Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, etc.