ESSEC MSc in Finance, France

Program Overview

The MSc in Finance is a yearlong, intensive study program that offers a global approach to finance with a strong emphasis on the underlying basic skills necessary to operate in today’s financial profession.  It prepares students to undertake careers in corporate finance, financial markets or asset management in the world’s major financial centers, especially in Asia.

The program requires 95 ECTS course credits and a master thesis. Students also have the possibility to do a 6 month internship.    The program teaches students to adapt to a multicultural environment addressing multinational issues, providing exposure to both Europe and Asia.  It relies on a wide range of learning methods including lectures supplemented by analysis of case studies/current events and in-class exercises.


Compulsory courses:Elective courses:
-    Financial mathematics
-    Financial accounting & reporting
-    Corporate financial management
-    Financial markets
-    International finance
-    Macroeconomic theory & development
-    Business economics
-    Short term financial management
-    Mergers & acquisitions
-    Portfolio management
-    Options
-    Options and applications
-    Strategic business analysis and value creation
-    Quantitative risk management
-    Ethic seminar
-    Master thesis seminar 
- Fixed income and credit risk
- Real estate finance (French)
- Hedge fund
- Wealth management (French)
- Financial policy
- Introduction to private equity
- Corporate finance and governance
- Financial econometrics

Who can apply?
The MSc is a highly selective graduate degree open to:
-    Students having obtained (or currently pursuing) a Bachelor’s degree in business or economics outside of France, from a business school or a university.
-    Students having obtained (or currently pursuing) at least a M1 level in business or economics in France, from a business school or a university.