National School for Statistics and Data Analysis in France presentation

A Shanghai, le 3 décembre à 16h30 et à Nankin, le 10 décembre à 16h
Participate in our presentation to learn more about ENSAI, France’s Grande école specialized in Statistics. ENSAI is the only French graduate school to offer the final, degree-awarding year of a Master’s degree in Big Data entirely in English.

ENSAI is home to one of the best Statistics programs in France. The school’s close ties with and historical links to the French National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE) set it apart and make it a top-tier institution.

Thanks to its unique expertise, in 2015 ENSAI opened an MSc in Big Data, taught entirely in English. Students from around the world with advanced backgrounds in Mathematics and/or Computer Science are being trained to meet the fast-growing demand for qualified Data Analysts.

ENSAI also offers a Master’s degree in Statistics equivalent taught in French. Students apply for this 3-year program after completing two or three years of higher education. In addition to Statistics, students acquire expertise in the fields of Quantitative Economics and Econometrics as well as Computer Science. Graduates’ tripartite knowledge explains their success on the job market. 98.4% of ENSAI graduates find a full-time job within 3 months of completing their degree.

ENSAI is also very active in the world research. This commitment to scientific inquiry and the creation of knowledge translates into a rich, innovative, dynamic, and specialized education for students, taught by world-renowned experts in their fields. The selective admissions and the resulting small size of the school allow students to have close ties with their teachers.

ENSAI is not just a great school. It is also a great place to study. With its active student organizations, diverse student body, modern building, green campus, welcoming staff, and geographic location, ENSAI has what it takes to please anyone looking for a high-level program in France.

Learn more about what ENSAI has to offer and ask your questions at this Campus France presentation.

Our Degrees:
Diplôme d’ingénieur (équivalent Master)
MSc in Big Data (taught only in English)
Master Statistique publique (EMOS)
-    Plus d’informations sur EuroStat et EMOS

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A Shanghai, le 3 décembre à 16h30

 Espace Campus France de Shanghai
Shixing Building 4ème étage 155 Wu Yi Lu Changning District

A Nankin, le 10 décembre à 16h

 Antenne Campus France de Nankin
73 Beijing Xilu, Batiment Qunlou, 4th floor, Gulou District
No.4 class room of Alliance française de Nanjing