Webinaire LISAA: Fulfill your dream in Design-25 mai 2017

LISAA Admission Officer vous présente les formations et les conditions d’admission, etc.

LISAA (L’INSTITUT SUPERIEUR DES ARTS APPLIQUES) is the largest design school in France and one of the few private schools recognized by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication. It offers Titre certifié Niveau I & II registered in RNCP. LISAA is a member of Cumulus and Eramus. It sets up campuses in Paris, Renne, Nante…, with four main in Paris, each specialized in one field: animation, fashion, interior design and graphic design. It offers English-taught or French-taught programs at bachelor’s and master’s level. For the French-taught programs, LISAA offers Preparation Program in France and in China.

LISAA is a professional oriented design school. Its courses are closely related to the market and led by the active professionals. LISAA also provides students with equipment with top technologies. Its teaching is project-based. Students’ creativity is highly respected and valued. Throughout the design project, professionals will coach each student. LISAA boasts of cooperation with many companies, offering students 1500 internship or job opportunities each year and the teacher in the international office also helps students with the internship or job hunting


le 25 mai 2017 à 18h



  • LISAA: Where the Strength lies
  • LISAA: Animation and Video Games & Success Story
  • LISAA: Interior Design & Success Story
  • LISAA: Fashion Design & Success Story
  • LISAA: Graphic Design & Success Story
  • Admission Requirement for Specialty Programs
  • LISAA: French Prepa & admission requirement

18:30-19:00: Q&A

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