Energy and environment challenges

The France Excellence 2018 Summer School "Energy and environment challenges" will take place from July 1st to 25th 2018 in Université de Pau et des Pays de l’Adour (UPPA).

The Université de Pau et des Pays de l’Adour (UPPA) is a multi-disciplinary university. The 13 500 students (among which 10% from abroad) are present at two main locations: Pau and the Basque Coast. UPPA’s geographical context, bordering Spain adds a specific European dimension that generates strong potential for intensive international collaborations in terms of research, training and student life campus.

In terms of educational programmes, the university covers three major “sectors”: Law, Economics & Management; Literature, Languages, Humanities; Social Sciences and Sport; Science & Technology (ST). UPPA proposes 28 Master’s degree courses with 48 specialties. At the undergraduate level, UPPA is now labelled “Nouveau Cursus Universitaire” (NCU) with a project aiming to strengthen internationalization of trainings and better meet the needs of the socio-economic world. UPPA is a laureate in the French Excellence Initiative ‘I-SITE’ with its “Energy Environment Solutions” (E2S) project and now ranks among 18 nationally recognized French universities. Since 2012, one of our strategic research field is awarded by French Ministry of Higher Education and Research as Equipex project MARSS (MAss spectrometry center for Reactivity and Speciation Sciences).


Twenty six research units are present on the site and ten laboratories are associated with the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), the National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) and the National Research Institute in Computer Science and Automation (Inria).The national council for evaluation of research and higher education (HCERES) has evaluated these laboratories in 2015 and for most of them very good, excellent and exceptional levels have been underlined. With such a background, the summer school “Energy and Environment Challenges”, will mobilize competences and experiences of

- faculty members and high level equipment in the UPPA’s areas of excellence,

- a doctoral school recognized as “outstanding” by the French evaluation committee (HCERES) and certified ISO 9001 since 2014 (,


- experts in teaching French as a foreign language with the French studies Institute for Foreign Students (,


- partnership with companies’ R&D departments when required.


The university international office will run the practical items of the school (



- Arrival in France and transfer:

Date of arrival in Paris: Sunday the 1st of July 

Start of classes:Tuesday the 3rd of July 


The students could arrive on Sunday the 1st of July. Students will be welcome when arriving at Charles De Gaulle airport the first of July.

At Paris Charles De Gaulle, they will be met by a UPPA member who will give them their train ticket and travel with them to Pau. They won’t be alone until they are in their room.


- Accommodation

Accommodation will be provided thanks to a very close partnership with the university housing office (CROUS). In university residences students will get an individual dorm room with a small private bathroom. They have access to shared kitchens on every floor.


- Meals:

Students can have breakfast in their room (cooking plate and microwaves in the shared kitchen). They will have lunch and dinner at the university restaurant until the 18th of July (included). From the 19th till the 27th (included) they will be given tickets for the cafeteria in the very close to the university campus mall (400m from the university) via the particular agreement between the university and the mall.


- Transportation in France:

Class rooms, university residences and the mall are very close so students can go everywhere just walking. Whenever they want to go downtown, they have city buses.


- Return to China

End of classes: Thursday 26th of July (evening)

Return to Paris: Saturday the 28th of July




Three main themes will be proposed in parallel to the students so that they could attend the topic they are the most interested in:

Theme A: Mechanics and Physics in Porous Media

Theme B: Thermodynamics and Chemistry of Oil and Biofuels Matrices

Theme C: Frontiers in Elemental Speciation Applied to Environment, Energy and Health

During the first week, the themes will be introduced to all the students through three seminars dedicated to the main UPPA research fields.

Then, during weeks 2 and 3, each of the three themes will be approached through 6 sessions of courses (duration: 2H30 a.m.) and 6 work sessions in laboratories (duration: 2H30 p.m.). During the sessions in laboratories students will build a pre-project of research they will have to defend on Wednesday the 25th of July.


For more information on the scientific program, please see Annex 1.

For more information on the schedule, please see Annex 2.




- French classes:

Hours: 34 + 2 hours assessment (total: 36 h)

Location : Institut d’Etudes Françaises pour Etudiants Etrangers (on campus).

Modalities: The students will attend two hour face-to-face courses every day (except week -end) from

5 to 7 p.m.

They also will be given access to pedagogical on line resources.

A certificate will be delivered after the assessment.


- Cultural visits:

o City of Pau through a track game organized by the IEFE

o Pilgrimage ways to Santiago and introduction to Roman art

o Bearnese wine-growing (visit of a wine-cellar in Jurançon )

o Nature park of the Pyrénées

o Cities of the Basque Coast and Basque culture

o Middle Ages and Renaissance (Orthez city and Jeanne d’Albret museum)







Energy and environment challenges

From July 2nd to 27th 2018 in Université de Pau et des Pays de l’Adour (UPPA).

The total number of places is limited to 20.

The price does not include the trip from China to Paris.

Accommodation, meals and local transportation are all included.

The summer school will deliver 6 ECTS + 2 FLE

The summer school is reserved to Chinese master students.

To apply, please follow the application procedure on the main page.

Price: 20.000 CNY

The French Embassy reserves a limited number of grants to students with an exceptional academic background. Grants cover the tuition fees but do not cover the trip from China to Paris.