Sciences Po Paris Summer School : Introduction to Research in Political Science

Sciences Po Paris is offering a summer school on Introduction to Research in Political Science. This pre-doctoral programme will take place from July 2nd to July 27 2018 in Paris.


Please note that the application process for the summer school offered by Sciences Po Paris is different. All the applications must be submitted through Sciences Po Paris form by following the link located at the bottom of this page.

Founded in 1872, Sciences Po is France’s leading university in the social sciences. A world-class research university, Sciences Po is ranked 4th in the 2017 QS World Ranking in Politics and International Studies, with a score of 100% on academic reputation.
46% of Sciences Po students are international, coming from 150 countries and 470 partner universities, such as Columbia, LSE, Oxford, Bocconi, MGIMO, PKU, Fudan, Tsinghua, HKU, NUS, etc. This tradition of diversity and multidisciplinary approach makes Sciences Po an active participant in public debate, a forum where thought meets action.

Sciences Po is located at the heart of Paris, at only 5 to 10 minutes by foot from the Louvre Museum, Notre Dame, and the Luxembourg Garden. Sciences Po Summer School provides accommodation services for its students.

Sciences Po’s Summer Programme “Introduction to research in political science” is designed by the Sciences Po Summer School and the Doctoral School in order to offer the best of the university’s innovative approach to research in political science. It aims to introduce the French and European traditions of research and methods in governance and international relations, comparative political science, and political theory through core courses and workshops that combine multiple approaches.
The programme is taught in English by Sciences Po faculty. Students may also choose to learn French as an option.


  • to understand political science as a discipline, in particular its history in Europe and in France
  • to distinguish the main theoretical and methodological trends in political science
  • to identify how political science is structured in France by discovering the way research centers are organised at Sciences Po and in France, the role of the French Political Science Association as well as the classification system in French libraries
  • to interact with Sciences Po students and researchers in political science
  • to discover innovative ways to examine issues in political science
  • to develop curiosity, creativity, analysis and rhetorical skills

The Summer Programme “Introduction to research in political science” offers to discover research through research by providing:

  • an introductory course to research in political science
  • interactive activities that allow students to discover the field’s latest trends through research at Sciences Po and in France
  • a course on French language and culture, oriented to researchers
  • a mentored project based on students’ own research project that will help them to develop innovative theories, concepts and research methods

Students benefit from Sciences Po facilities such as the largest continental European library in social sciences. Students who complete the programme will be awarded ECTS credits and a certificate.

Students also benefit from Sciences Po Summer School cultural activities and electives:

  • included activities: River Seine Cruise, Discover Walks Paris walking tours, 14 July Picnic, Apéro Hours, Speakers Series…
  • optional activities: Wine School, Weekend visit to Versailles and Monet’s Gardens at Giverny…
  • elective courses such as: additional 24-hour courses on French language, quantitative methods in political science…


  • to be able to search and find relevant references for a research project
  • to write a state of the art and literature review
  • to formulate a starting question as well as to problematize the issue
  • to clarify the objectives of a research project
  • to elaborate a research design that articulates specific methods and a corpus of documents
  • to present a research project in a clear, logical and structured way

Application and scholarships:年度法国优秀硕士学校招生

You can download the complete presentation of the program here.




Sciences Po Paris Summer School : Introduction to Research in Political Science

From July 2nd  to July 27 2018 in Paris.

The total number of places is limited to 25.


The price does not include the trip from China to Paris.  

Please note that daily transport and meals are not included in the tuition fees.                                                                                      

The summer school will deliver ECTS credits.

The summer school has been designed for Chinese students.

To apply, please fill in this form and upload all the required documents.


- Course fees : 18 720 CNY

- French as foreign language courses or Social sciences courses (optional) : 3 900 CNY

- Housing (3 options available) : 6 474 CNY, 7 488 CNY or 9 360 CNY

The French Embassy reserves a limited number of grants to students with an exceptional academic background. Grants cover the tuition fees but do not cover the trip from China to Paris and from Paris to China.