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Who is organizing this programme? 

The program Ecoles d’été France Excellence was set up by the French Embassy in China (Science department and University department) in 2016. It has since been implemented in cooperation is implemented in cooperation with CAMPUS FRANCE (the French Agency supporting foreign students in France).

Each year (more and more) French Universities propose Summer Schools Programs, some of them entirely dedicated to Chinese students, some of them with more international scope. The Embassy together with Campus France chooses those who fit the high requirements of the Program (English language, High scientific level accessible to Master students, Comfortable options for accommodation and meals, Attractive cultural syllabus, …) to be part of the Program. Then, the Embassy is in charge of the promotion of the program and of the registration process in China with the help of Campus France.

Each school is organized independently by the local Universities. A team including administrative and pedagogical staff builds the scientific and cultural content, proposes local logistic solutions and animation, and determines a well-balanced schedule.

 What about the previous editions?

In 2016 a first summer school was organized in Rennes.

In 2017, 14 schools were held in all France, covering various domains. Please find here an overview of the 2017 summer schools.

 What is the picture on the flyer?

It is a partial view of the fractal Mandelbrot set (曼德博集合) discovered by the two French mathematicians Gaston Julia and Pierre Fatou in the beginning of the 20th century. It was named after Benoit Mandelbrot another French mathematician who obtained in the 80’s the first computer images of the set.  For more information see



How to apply?

You first have to fulfil the form here (your resume in English is required), you will receive a confirmation email. Your application should be completed by sending documents after March 18th; you will be informed at that moment.

When to apply?

The application form should be completed before March 18th.

Which document should I prepare to apply?

During the application process (until March 18th) the resume in English is the only document required, but your diploma (graduation, English test report) and your score report (Master and graduate grade report) will be required at the next step (after March 18th).

 What should I do if I made a mistake / want to add information in my application?

Please do not resend an application, contact us at

I don't find my university in the list (Q.11), what should I do ?

Please select "other" for the Q.11, then fill in your university at the Q.12.



 What are the criterions to get a scholarship?

There are three criterions: your academic background (the most important), your motivation (question 19), and your English level.

 When should I know I got a scholarship or not?

You will be informed on April the 1st (the same day as the application result).

 What is included in the tuition fees?

Most of the schools are all-inclusive, which means courses, accommodation, meals, local transportation and sightseeing are included. Please find more details at the end of each webpage of the schools. The fees never include the international air ticket (China-Paris and Paris-China) and the visa fees either.

 What is included in the scholarship?

If you get a scholarship you will not pay the tuition fees (between 20 000 CNY and 30 000 CNY) and pay the visa fees but you still have to buy the plane ticket (round trip ticket to Paris).

 What is a partial scholarship?

Some students got a partial scholarship.To offer more grants it has been decided to share some scholarships and offer half scholarship. In this case, it does cover only a part (more than half) of the tuition fees. The amount of the partial scholarships is RMB 15000. It remains to pay the balance for the tuition fees, the visa fees and the plane ticket.



 Why is it so expensive?

It is not. Meals, accommodation and transportation are far more expensive in France than in China. Taking into account of those, the courses fees are really affordable and much cheaper than in other countries.

How many scholarships are there in this programme?

There are around one hundred scholarships.

What is the ratio of scholarships in this programme?

It depends on the number of students, between 30% and 40% of students will get a scholarship.



This dicument is requested to confirm your participation and  is mandatory for the visa application.Two situations :

If you were granted a full scholarship, then you just have to sign the contract you received. You will send it back with the other documents through the confirmation form and will use it for the visa application.

If you were granted no scholarship from the Embassy or a partial scholarship, then you have to sign the contract you received and send back to the Embassy two original copies of this document by post mail. Please print and sign two copies of the filled-out contract and send them (the two copies) back to IFC by post (or EMS exclusively) to the following address :

Institut Français de Chine
Secrétariat général
Programme Ecoles d’Eté France Excellence
北京市朝阳区天泽路60号 100600
Once the two original versions are received, a scan of your contract signed by the Embassy will be returned to you by email to be used for the visa application (Original copies will be available upon request)

You also will be asked to send a scanned version with the other documents through the confirmation form. 




If you were granted no scholarship from the Embassy or a partial scholarship, then you have to pay the tuition fees (or the balance). Tuition fees (amount specified in the contract) should be paid via a bank transfer to IFC:
Bank Name : Societe Generale法国兴业银行北京分行
Branch : Beijing Branch
账号Account number : 6610777700226025
Please put in reference of the payment: YOUR NAME and YOUR CANDIDATE NUMBER.
The bank transfer should be done as soon as possible and before April 22nd, 2018.



You will be requested to upload the documents used to complete your registration through a an electronic form (similar to that used for applications). The address of the form will be sent separately. 
The requested documents are:
ID photo (white or blue background, 2 inches)
Passport if available (chinese ID card if you still do not have your passport)
Language level verification
Academic background information:
     - Certificate of enrolment
     - Academic transcripts from the past 2 or 3 years
     - Latest diploma obtained
Scan of the contract with your signature
(If applies) Scan of payment justification.
Scan of the insurance contract with all needed mentions and signatures. 
This step should be completed before May 1st, 2018. We will send you a confirmation email on May 7th, 2018. At this stage, your registration is confirmed.



 What is the procedure to get the visa ? 

First of all, you should make sure that you still have a valid passport available within 6 months after your return back from France to China.
The visa application should be made through TLScontact Visa Application Centre. The different visa application centers as well as the French Consulates have been informed about the Summer Schools France Excellence Program. The delay for visa obtention is between 3 days and one week. Therefore to avoid any inconveniences, it is highly recommended to apply for your visa as soon as possible and not less than two weeks before your departure. The online registration is on the website: to get an appointment.
You must ask for a “Visa pour études court séjour”. Here are the documents needed to complete your visa application.
-        Visa application form (from TLS website)
-        Valid Passport (and within 6 months after the return to China)
-        2 ID pictures (white or blue background, 2 inches)
-        Airfare tickets reservation (route)
-        Convention signed by both parts (copy) – valid as lodging certificate
-        Bank statements (last 3 months)
-        Attestation of Insurance (Schengen, valid on the period of your all stay)

When applying for your visa, please stick to this list of documents. Normally, TLS is informed of the France Excellence Summer Schools program.

Please indicate the name, the address and the telephone number of the French university when you are asked to provide some information about your contact in France.

Does the French Visa cover all the « Schengen space »?


 At the TLS agency, they tell me that some documents are missing. What should I do?

If you transmitted all the documents of our list, then, there should be no problem. Sometimes, the TLS agencies did not receive the all information about our program. You should ask them to take your application anyway. For instance, in your case, you do not need further lodging certificate nor registration certificate. All these are included in the documents we ask for.

 Do I have to pay for the Visa?

If you don't have scholarship, you will have to pay for the visa fees. If you have the scholarship you don't have to pay since the scholarship includes the visa fees. We have send the list of the scholarship's recipients to TLS and to all the French consulates in China. Thus, you should not have to pay the visa fees.



As soon as you confirm your participation and you provided we have enough information about your status, you will receive from Campus France an email regarding your insurance during your stay. You should follow the procedure described to activate your contract. In the email you will find the insurance certificate that you may use for the visa application (see further). Observe that this insurance is valid only for the period of the school (if you stay longer, you need to contract another insurance) and that you will need to have/bring it with you during your stay.
In addition you will find attached to the Campus France email a copy of the insurance guide (in English) with all the information needed for your stay (covering, procedure, accredited practitioners and healthcare centers).

 What should I do if I want to stay longer in Europe?

Find by yourself insurance for the longer period.



Each school proposes a general meeting point at the Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG airport) (for day/time see above mentioned contract) from which each group will be transferred to the summer school location. You must inform us if you decide to use this option.
However, trip plans are free. You may arrive in France prior to the summer school and/or remain afterwards for a short period. In some cases, even if you only attend the school, it may be more convenient/confortable to use transfers to reach directly the city of the school by airplane, avoid to waiting in Paris and train transfer. Hence, we ask you to inform us and the school about your trip plans: i.e.: arrival/departure time and flight numbers, use of standard meeting point or date/time of arrival at the school site, as soon as possible and at least 2 weeks before your departure. 
Please wait for the registration to be confirmed before to buy your tickets. Other practical details such as the schools contacts, security phone numbers, wechat contacts, etc. will be communicated in advance to facilitate your arrival.


 I send e-mail but get no answer. What should I do?

The program is rather succesful : we receive a lot of questions and try our best to answer all of them. Please be patient. Wait one week before sending your question again.