Who is organizing this programme? 

The program Ecoles d’été France Excellence was set up by the French Embassy in China (Science department and University department) in 2016. It has since been implemented in cooperation is implemented in cooperation with CAMPUS FRANCE (the French Agency supporting foreign students in France).

Each year (more and more) French Universities propose Summer Schools Programs, some of them entirely dedicated to Chinese students, some of them with more international scope. The Embassy together with Campus France chooses those who fit the high requirements of the Program (English language, High scientific level accessible to Master students, Comfortable options for accommodation and meals, Attractive cultural syllabus, …) to be part of the Program. Then, the Embassy is in charge of the promotion of the program and of the registration process in China with the help of Campus France.

Each school is organized independently by the local Universities. A team including administrative and pedagogical staff builds the scientific and cultural content, proposes local logistic solutions and animation, and determines a well-balanced schedule.

 What about the previous editions?

In 2016 a first summer school was organized in Rennes.

In 2017, 14 schools were held in all France, covering various domains. Please find here an overview of the 2017 summer schools.

 What is the picture on the flyer?

It is a partial view of the fractal Mandelbrot set (曼德博集合) discovered by the two French mathematicians Gaston Julia and Pierre Fatou in the beginning of the 20th century. It was named after Benoit Mandelbrot another French mathematician who obtained in the 80’s the first computer images of the set.  For more information see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mandelbrot_set



How to apply?

You first have to fulfil the form here (your resume in English is required), you will receive a confirmation email. Your application should be completed by sending documents after March 18th; you will be informed at that moment.

When to apply?

The application form should be completed before March 18th.

Which document should I prepare to apply?

During the application process (until March 18th) the resume in English is the only document required, but your diploma (graduation, English test report) and your score report (Master and graduate grade report) will be required at the next step (after March 18th).

 What should I do if I made a mistake / want to add information in my application?

Please do not resend an application, contact us at ecoledete@institutfrancais-chine.com.

I don't find my university in the list (Q.11), what should I do ?

Please select "other" for the Q.11, then fill in your university at the Q.12.



 What are the criterions to get a scholarship?

There are three criterions: your academic background (the most important), your motivation (question 19), and your English level.

 When should I know I got a scholarship or not?

You will be informed on April the 1st (the same day as the application result).

 What is included in the tuition fees?

Most of the schools are all-inclusive, which means courses, accommodation, meals, local transportation and sightseeing are included. Please find more details at the end of each webpage of the schools. The fees never include the international air ticket (China-Paris and Paris-China) and the visa fees either.

 What is included in the scholarship?

If you get a scholarship you will not pay the tuition fees (between 20 000 CNY and 30 000 CNY) and pay the visa fees but you still have to buy the plane ticket (round trip ticket to Paris).

 Why is it so expensive?

It is not. Meals, accommodation and transportation are far more expensive in France than in China. Taking into account of those, the courses fees are really affordable and much cheaper than in other countries.

How many scholarships are there in this programme?

There are around one hundred scholarships.

What is the ratio of scholarships in this programme?

It depends on the number of students, between 30% and 40% of students will get a scholarship.



 Does the French Visa cover all the « Schengen space »?


 At the TLS agency, they tell me that some documents are missing. What should I do?

If you transmitted all the documents of our list, then, there should be no problem. Sometimes, the TLS agencies did not receive the all information about our program. You should ask them to take your application anyway. For instance, in your case, you do not need further lodging certificate nor registration certificate. All these are included in the documents we ask for.

 Do I have to pay for the Visa?

Yes if you don't have scholarship. If you have the scholarship you don't have to pay since the scholarship includes the visa fees.



 What should I do if I want to stay longer in Europe?

Find by yourself insurance for the longer period.



 I send e-mail but get no answer. What should I do?

The program is rather succesful : we receive a lot of questions and try our best to answer all of them. Please be patient. Wait one week before to re-send your question.