2017 France Excellence Summer Schools

2017 Summer Schools - What did they think ?

During summer 2017, about 200 chinese students followed the 14 pre-doctoral summer schools of the programme Ecoles d’été France Excellence organized by the French Embassy in China.  After a warm welcome in Paris the students were taken, according to their speciality, from mathematics to heritage sciences through life sciences or law,  to the schools organized in all parts of France, Provence, Pays de Loire or Paris, ...  In each school, they attended master courses given by the best specialists in their field. They hence put the foundations of a doctorate in France while discovering the country, its language, its food, its landscapes and its culture.


Each school had its own personality. First of all, of course, the topic. But also the format : from 2 to 4 weeks,  from 10 to 30 students,  adapted schedules, projects and discovery of the PhD, lodging, sometimes on the campus, sometimes downtown, ... The cultural program, beyond the french language lessons, gave the opportunity to discover the local places of interest as well as classical must see.

What did the students think of the 2017 Summer Schools ?

We asked them their advice; most of them kindly answered our questions. Here is a synthesis of the answers followed by a selection of enthousiastic remarks and pictures.

The main goal of the schools is to provide the students a stepstone to a doctorate in France. From this point of view, the program has been quite successful. Indeed :

  • 98% believe the school helped them build up their project;
  • 70% think they will pursue with a PhD thesis in France;
  • More than 50% think they might prepare the thesis in the university of the school;
  • About 30% met the Professor that shall become their PhD advisor.

Since last summer, the Science & Higher Education Departments of the French Embassy follow up with the students to maintain contacts, help define subjects or find grants for PhD that may start from september 2018.

The students were in general very happy of their arrival and the welcome they were given. They specially appreciated the courses and the equilibrium between lessons and french culture discovery sessions. The contacts with the french teaching teams, the experimental research projects and France discovery are among the most cited positive points. But, moreover, they all recomand their friends to have the same experience :

“The Summer School is a good option to explore some PhD opportunities in France and we could experience interesting French culture. We also can visit many famous museums, buildings and palaces in France.” 



“If you are uncertain about what you are going to do. This is a great opportunity. Where you are introduced to a wide variety of topics of research and can ask whatever questions to the researchers. You can ask about physics, PhD programs etc. Maybe you will find your future tutor. But be sure do some homework before taking lectures. Otherwise you might get lost. And you definitely need to see how beautiful France is.”




“Teachers of this program are very kind and warmheart, all the courses are prepared dedicatedly by them. and the activities i participated are very interesting, i really enjoyed it.”




“You can make friends with different people from different areas. You can also have a great experience in France. You will cherish the time that you spent there over a lifetime” 



“If you want to study for a higher degree in France, if you want to learn French culture deep, if you want to make more excellent friends from different university, such a summer school must be your best choice.”





“It's a good chance for those who are supposed to study in France. You can get to know some part of this country very fast, and surely you will find it amazing.”




 “Courage is something for us, try it and make it.”



“Enjoyable and fruitful.”





“It's a great event. You can learn and play.”


“It’s a great chance for us to have a field trip to France, and it can help us to learn more about the academic atmosphere, local customs, and French culture of France.”



 “Teachers of this program are very kind and warmhearted, all the courses are prepared dedicatedly by them and the activities I participated are very interesting. I really enjoyed it".



“Knowing France, choosing your own way.”



“It will be a wonderful and fruitful trip for you if you are planing to apply for PHD abroadly in the future.”



“French way of life and I think it is worthy to experience.” 



“Summer school is very meaningful”




“The French Excellence Summer School is a remarkable memory for me. Advanced seminars, kind professors, beautiful buildings, traditional foods, elegant French language, all those make this summer school special and excellent.”  



“This program exactly is a great opportunity to experience advanced technology and French education and culture.”


“Go into the elite education in France , empower your brain and academic career”


“France is a nice place to live and study.”



“The courses are interesting and excellent, which may broaden your horizon. The culture life in France is wonderful.”


“The teachers are very nice, and we can experience a different kind of culture”



“It's an unforgetable  experience”




“You will get much more than you can imagine.”