Preparing for a PhD through the France Excellence Summer Schools program

You are a master’s degree student enrolled in a Chinese university and you would like to do a PhD? In the framework of a summer school, the France Excellence program 2019 is offering you a full curriculum tailored to achieve this objective.

For the third edition of the Summer Schools France Excellence 2019, the French embassy in China has selected a variety of summer schools covering specific subjects (chemistry, biology, mathematics, physics, computer science and humanities). These summer schools will take place in France in July 2019.The Summer Schools France Excellence courses (master’s degree level) are taught in English by professors-researchers from French universities of international reputation. The summer schools are made up of guided practical work, training modules to introduction to research, and a first introduction to French language and culture. Taking part to these summer schools must give candidates the opportunity to identify a potential research subject and a thesis supervisor.

An overview of 2018 Summer School


List of Summer School France Excellence 2019 :


  • Plant Health and Quality
  • 3 weeks in Angers, June 23th to July 13th 2019 - 30 Places
  • Impact of food processing on human health
  • 4 weeks in Lille, July 1st to July 26th 2019 - 20 Places



  • Chemistry & Environmental Sciences : Analysis, Characterisation and Remediation Soils and Waters
  •   3 weeks in Clermont-Ferrand and Rennes, June 22th to July 13th 2019 - 18 Places
  • Sustainable Catalysis : From Fondamental Science to Industrial Practice
  •   4 weeks in Lille, July 1st to July 26th  2019 - 30 Places
  • Green chemistry and sustainable chemistry
  •   3 weeks in Strasbourg, July 1st to July 21th  2019 - 20 Places



  • Climate change in the Arctic – scientific and societal perspectives 
  • 4 weeks in Versailles, July 1st to July 25th  2019 - 20 Places



  • Data Sciences for document analysis and understanding 
  • 4 weeks in La Rochelle and Paris, July 1st to July 27th  2019 - 50 Places



  • Nanophotonics, nanoelectronics, and nanomagnetism - NANO3
  •   3 weeks in Paris, July 1st to July 20th  2019 - 35 Places
  • Inductives tools in data sciences and geometry 
  • 4 weeks in Toulouse, July 1st to July 26th  2019 - 15 Places
  • Physics of the two infinites 
  • 3 weeks in Marseille and Lyon, July 1st to July 21th  2019 - 25 Places



  • Microwaves, Signal Processing and Diagnostic for Aerospace Engineering 
  • 4 weeks in Toulouse, July 1st to July 27th  2019 - 10 Places
  • Towards Intelligent and Sustainable Optimization of Transport Systems 
  •  4 weeks in Valenciennes, July 1st to July 26th  2019 - 30 Places


  • Rethinking Innovation, Adapting Architectural Heritage 
  • 4 weeks in Lille, July 1st to July 26th  2019 - 25 Places
  • Heritage development and valorisation, cultural economy and public action 
  •  4 weeks in Montpellier, July 1st to July 26th  2019 - 40 Places



  • Intercultural communication, translation and ICT 
  • 3 weeks in Paris, June 24th to July 12th  2019 - 25 Places



  • Sciences Po Lille Summer School : EU/International Affairs 
  • 4 weeks in Lille, June 24th to July 19th  2019 - 30 Places
  • Sorbonne Schools of Economics Summer School on International Economics and Sustainable Global Development 
  •  4 weeks in Paris, June 17th to July 13th  2019 - 20 Places




The Summer Schools Program France Excellence is dedicated to Master students who wish to pursue with a PhD. Students should have a good English level and an excellent academic background in the chosen field. The number of places available is limited to guarantee the quality of supervision. A limited number (100) of grants will be attributed by the French Embassy to support exceptional applications. The grant cover the tuition fees (mostly all-inclusive : courses, meals, accommodation, sightseeings, local transportation) and the visa fees, but does not cover trips from China to France and from France to China.

You will be informed about admission before 2019 April.
You should find answer to most questions you may ask here. Otherwise you can contact the France Excellence Summer School Team at