Grant GDF SUEZ - MAE, 中国

Since 2012, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) and the GDF SUEZ Group have developed a programme for the reception and support of high-level foreign students in France.
This scheme, which is part of the MFA's QUAI D'ORSAY/ENTREPRISES programme, is based on a partnership between the public and private sectors. It is set apart by the creation of ideal, personalized reception conditions and joint selection of students by the MFA, GDF SUEZ and the Ecole polytechnique.
For the year 2014-2015, one grant will be allocated to a Chinese student admitted to the Ecole polytechnique Master Renewable Energy Science and Technology (Master REST).


To be eligible for this grant, candidates must:

  •     be of Chinese nationality. Bi-nationals (French/Chinese) are not eligible;
  •     be at most 28 years old in 2014;
  •     apply to the Ecole polytechnique for the Master Renewable Energy Science and Technology Excellence course, delivered in English:;
  •     have a sufficient level of English to follow this course in English;
  •     not already enjoy a French Government or corporate grant to study in France at the Ecole polytechnique;
  •     not be employed by a company at the time of arrival in France; candidates for apprenticeships or continuous training are not eligible;
  •     have completed at least 4 years of higher education in the field of engineering sciences;
  •     show interest in the GDF SUEZ Group.


    The laureate will benefit following advantages:
1 - From GDF SUEZ

  •     a grant of a single and all-encompassing sum of €13,000, aimed notably at covering tuition fees, accommodation fees and French courses. The amount of €3,000 will be withdrawn by the Ecole polytechnique. The remaining balance of €10,000 will be paid to the student regularly over 12 months;
  •     mentoring within the company;
  •     an internship within a GDF SUEZ entity. Compensation may or may not be paid depending on the host entity;
  •     career guidance support at the end of the stay in France.
  •     depending on the internal needs of GDF SUEZ and the student's performance, the company may offer a career opportunity dependent on obtaining the Master diploma from the Ecole polytechnique and a recruitment recommendation from the placement supervisor and the Human Resources Manager of GDF SUEZ in France, at the end of the scholarship program.

2 - From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  •     a social cover grant package including social security, complementary health insurance, insurance, airport transfer and exemption from administrative registration fees to the higher education establishment. This grant confers the status of a French Government grant student, and the associated advantages (visa application formality support, access to cultural activities at special rates, etc.);
  •     intensive French courses, if required, before departure for France, in a language centre chosen by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

3 - From the Ecole polytechnique

  •     support before departure and during the stay in France, including: preparation for arrival in France, possibility of following intensive French courses in France during the summer preceding the beginning of scientific classes, assistance with administrative formalities on arrival in France, reservation of housing on the establishment's campus.

The grant student may receive Aide personalisée au logement (APL, personalized housing benefit).

NB: Please note that airline tickets to France remain at the student's expense


The selection criteria are as follows:

  •     excellent standards of the candidate, as demonstrated by prior higher education record;
  •     quality of professional goals;
  •     clear interest in working in the energy fields;
  •     desire to contributing to development of the region/country of origin;
  •     level of English, with knowledge of French being an additional advantage;
  •     qualities of independence, adaptability, curiosity and team spirit.

Selection is carried out in three stages:

  •     The application is declared admissible by the Ecole polytechnique;
  •     An interview is organized by the MFA and GDF SUEZ, in China or France;
  •     A selection committee choses the laureate.

For equal levels and skills, the programme managers will strive to prioritize candidates with from modest backgrounds.
The deliberations of the selection committee are not communicated. Its decisions are sovereign and not explained.


The following documents must be included in the application:

  •     a curriculum vitæ in English, on one page;
  •     copies of university transcripts and previous diplomas;
  •     results of an international English test (TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS);
  •     acknowledgement of reception of the application to the Ecole polytechnique;
  •     professional goals, written in English, on two pages, including the following information:
  •     a summary of training and any professional experience;
  •     professional prospects (sector of activity, functions, geographical regions);
  •     motivations for this grant programme.

The following documents may be attached to the application:

  •     the results of an international French test or a diploma in French language;
  •     any other document you consider relevant to support your application.


  •     Deadline for Master REST programme applications to the Ecole polytechnique: 1 May 2014.
  •     Deadline for reception by the French Embassy in China of the application in electronic form: 1 May 2014.
  •     Interview in China or France: 15-31 May 2014
  •     Result of selection: during June 2014

The selection will be finalized following the laureate's registration at the Ecole polytechnique on the Master REST programme.


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