The «n+i» Network is a Network of 60 prestigious «Postgraduate» French Engineering Institutes

«n+i» Network of French engineering institutes, 中国

The «n+i» Network is made up of 60 prestigious «Postgraduate» Engineering Institutes in France.
The Network trains highly qualified, multilingual engineers who can lead effectively on international projects in a multicultural environment.

The Master’s Degree program covers all fields of Science and Engineering—including Agronomy, Agri-food, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Physics, Mechanics, Electronics, Computer Science, Aeronautics, Environment, Civil Engineering etc.
In 2-year study, students earn either a Master’s Degree or a Diplôme d’Ingénieur (Master’s Degree in Engineering).

The «n+i» Network offers three “success packages” for international students.
The Packages offered in France are:
PIC-Culture (welcome at the airport, transfers, accommodation, information and orientation sessions, tour of Paris, assistance during the 2-year Master’s Program, International day with companies)
PIL-Language (intensive course of French language, lodging in french family)
PIM-Academic Methods (a semester-long introduction to scientific methods in the Engineering Institutes under the guidance of faculty and student mentors)

How to Apply to« n+i » Network :
A single online application electronic form is used to apply simultaneously to all of the network’s Institutes on our web site
Aid and Scholarship information is made available to students upon receipt of their electronic application, validated by « n+i » Network.

Main programs of study :

• New technologies (electronics, telecommunication, computer)
• Sciences (mathematics, chemistry, physics, Mechanics)
• Life sciences (environment, biotechnologies)
• Engineering

Research :

After earning their master’s degree, students may pursue doctoral studies in one of the 300 research laboratories operated by institutes of the network.
Those labs cover every imaginable field of science and engineering.

Strengths :

Master’s degrees are available in every aspect of science and engineering:
• Mechanical, industrial, thermal, civil, electrical, and chemical engineering
• Electronics, electrotechnics, robotics, embedded systems, mecatronics
• Applied mathematics, image processing, computer science
• Agronomy, food industry, food safety, biology, biotechnologies
• Chemistry, applied chemistry, materials, applied physics
• Aerospace, aeronautics, transportation, automotive

Location :

The Institutes are based in 40 French cities : Paris, Toulouse, Nantes, Bordeaux, Lille, Marseille, Lyon, Montpellier, Strasbourg, La Rochelle, Rennes, Saint Etienne, Limoges, Nancy, Metz, Clermont-Ferrand…