The Higher Institute of Applied Arts (LISAA), Paris

Institut Supérieur des Arts Appliqués (LISAA), Paris, 法国

International programmes
The Higher Institute of Applied Arts (LISAA) opens its doors to international students through the establishment of English-taught curricula in the fields of Fashion Design and Business as well as in the field of 3D Animation.

Furthermore, a Bachelor Degree and a Master of Arts have been inaugurated through a joint-partnership with a leading German University (Macromedia University).

LISAA Fashion – undergraduate degrees

In France, the textile and clothing industry includes around 6,000 businesses specializing in clothing design and home decoration (textile, accessories and tableware).

LISAA Fashion school offers in-depth teaching of fashion design, patternmaking textile design and fashion business subjects. Our training is matched by advanced marketing studies. Lisaa Fashion Design is a multi-disciplinary training program facilitating graduates’ entry into the job market

-    Fashion Design & Business (English)
-    Fashion Design, pattern making option (English/French)
-    Fashion Design, textile design option  (English/French)

LISAA Animation
Beginning with the first year in varied classes, students acquire the tools and methods, both technical and intellectual, to develop their 2D-3D animation or video game projects.

In the following years they progress and refine their specialties by working on real projects. Upon graduation, students are placed in a certified apprenticeship to validate their knowledge within a professional environment.

-    Animation design 3D (English/French)
-    Animation design 2D (French)
-    Video game design 2D (French)
-    Video game design 3D (French)
-    Special effects (French)

LISAA Graphic Design
-    Graphic Design, motion design major (French)
-    Graphic Design, web design major (French)

LISAA Interior & Product Design (French)

Admissions :

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Lisaa is recognized by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, our degrees are registered in the French Directory of Certified Professions, level II (French “Licence” degree equivalence)