The Toulouse 1 Capitole University offers a unique and broad perspective on innovation in a 2-year Master program

The Master of Information Technology Innovative Information Systems—2IS is designed for Bachelor students in IT aiming to expand their knowledge on innovative information technologies.

Innovative information technologies reinvent and transform businesses; Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Web Services Orchestration drastically impact end-users as automation is at the heart of business processes.

Year 1 - First Term (30 ECTS): Fundamentals Business Intelligence,
Project Management, Data Science, Advanced Programming,
Year 1 - Second Term (30 ECTS): From fundamentals to innovation
Business Processes, Automation, Computational intelligence,

Year 2 - Third Term (30 ECTS): Innovation Innovative Software
Methods, Business Strategy and IT Innovation, Innovative Data
Management, Collective Intelligence
Year 2 - Fourth Term (30 ECTS): Innovation in action
5-month internship


Tuiton fee Around 600€ per academic year including social security
Toul’Box and Welcome Desk for an easy arrival in Toulouse
Living costs around 500-600€ per month