2020 France Excellence Summer Schools program are postponed

Due to coronavirus Covid-19, the application process for the pre-PhD summer schools in France in July 2020 are postponed.

We thank you all for your interest in this project and we still hope that we will be able to host you in the future. Don’t hesitate to contact the nearest Campus France office to know more about studies in France.


The following programs are currently postponed: 

Are you a Master’s degree student enrolled in a Chinese university and you would like to do a PhD? 

French universities, among the oldest in the world and spread throughout the country, deploy their research laboratories at the cutting edge of science and technology. The country is proud of its history, with its recent successes (63 Nobel Prize winners, 13 Fields medals); and today France is firmly turned towards the future. The France Excellence Summer Schools program aims to draw on this French know-how by allowing master's level students to initiate research and to discover France at the same time, thus better preparing them for a future PhD in French laboratories. The master’s level classes at France Excellence Summer Schools are given in English and taught by French university professors/researchers of international renown. Summer schools are designed around supervised practical projects, introductory research modules with a first initiation to the French language and culture. These schools can be an opportunity for candidates to identify a research topic as well as a thesis supervisor with the aim of maturing their project in the last year of their masters.

The best candidates will be able to benefit from a scholarship awarded by the French Embassy in China, which will cover the summer school fees (excluding the round trip to Paris)

For the fifth edition of the Summer Schools France Excellence 2020, the French embassy in China has selected a variety of summer schools covering specific subjects (chemistry, biology, mathematics, physics, computer science and humanities).

Program details:
  • Master's level courses taught in English
  • Limited number of places per school with personalized support for students
  • Initiation to the French language and culture
  • Unless otherwise indicated, tuition fees cover all local charges
  • The best candidates will be awarded a scolarship
Eligibility requirements and selection criteria (the selection process is carried out directly by the schools):
  • Good level in English (minimum B2, more requirements according to the schools)
  • To be a master's level student (or last year of Bachelor for Global Climate change, Arctic sustainability and Environment / Chemistry & Environmental Sciences: Analysis, Characterisation and Remediation of Contaminated Soils and Waters / Plant Health and Quality) and to provide proof of excellent academic results
Eligibility requirements and selection criteria (scholarships):
  • The scholarships offered by the Embassy are granted to students enrolled in Chinese universities.
  • Student’s academic level and quality of their doctoral project.
  • Prepare a detailed CV (resume) in English and a cover letter to submit your application before March 22nd 2020.
  • The applications are individual but some Chinese universities support this program.
  • Results (admission to schools) on April 10th 2020.
  • See all the detailed programs of each school here below.


Detailed programs of France Excellence Summer Schools 2020



Plant Health and Quality

3 weeks in Angers, June 27th to July 17th 2020 - 24 Places - 18 500 RMB

Impact of Food Processing on Human Health (Food & Health 2020)

3 1/2 weeks in Lille and Beauvais, July 1st to July 25th 2020 - 20 Places - 30 000 RMB


Chemistry & Environmental Sciences : Analysis, Characterisation and Remediation Soils and Waters

3 weeks in Clermont-Ferrand and Rennes, June 20th to July 11th 2020 - 18 Places - 20 000 RMB


Global Climate  change, Arctic sustainability and environment 

3 weeks in Versailles, Paris and South of FranceJuly 6th to July 24th  2020 - 25 Places - 28 000 RMB


Data Sciences for Document Analysis and Understanding 

4 weeks in La Rochelle and Paris, July 6th to July 31th  2020 - 40 Places - 30 000 RMB


Nanophotonics, Nanoelectronics, and Nanomagnetism - NANO3

3 weeks in Paris, June 29th to July 18th  2020 - 35 Places - 26 000 RMB


Physics of the Two Infinites 

3 weeks in Marseille and Lyon, July 2nd to July 22th  2020 - 25 Places - 23 000 RMB


Automatic Control & Electrical Systems (ACES 2020) 

3 weeks in Lille, July 5th to July 25th  2020 - 30 Places - 30 000 RMB


3D Building for (Peri)Urban Design 2020 (3D Build 2020) *

3 weeks in Lille, July 5th to July 25th  2020 - 30 Places - 30 000 RMB
*Students in architecture or in engineering can apply


3D Building for (Peri)Urban Design 2020 (3D Build 2020) *

3 weeks in Lille, July 5th to July 25th  2020 - 30 Places - 30 000 RMB
*Students in architecture or in engineering can apply


ISIT Paris : Translation, Communication and Innovation in the Digital Age 

3 weeks in Paris, July 6th to July 24th  2020 - 25 Places - 29 500 RMB



Application deadline is on March 22nd 2020

To apply you must:

  • 2/ create an account (register) on the platform,
  • 3/ apply to the France Excellence Summer Schools Program and choose the selected summer school.

You will be informed about your admission on April 10th 2020 by email. The French Embassy in China will then inform you if you have been awarded a scholarship.  

The Summer Schools Program France Excellence is dedicated to Bachelor and Master students who wish to pursue their studies with a PhD. Students should have a good English level and an excellent academic background in the chosen field. The number of places available is limited to guarantee the quality of supervision. A limited number (˜70) of scholarships will be attributed by the French Embassy to support exceptional applications. The scholarship covers the tuition fees (mostly all-inclusive: courses, meals, accommodation, sightseeing, local transportation) and the visa fees, but does not cover flights from China to France and from France to China.
You should find an answer to most of your questions here. Otherwise you can contact the France Excellence Summer Schools Team at ecoledete@institutfrancais-chine.com