Environmental Sciences: Chemical Analysis, Characterisation and Remediation of Contaminated Soils and Waters

The participants will be welcomed on Saturday 20th June 2020 at Paris and the courses will began on Monday 22th June 2020

The summer school is co-organized in Clermont-Ferrand, located in the center of France and in Rennes west part of France. The scientific domain is linked to one of the main challenges of the XXIst century: the protection of the environment and more particularly the quality of soils and water resources. In fact, soils or water resources face high anthropic pressure since more than 50 years and it is urgent to focus on their preservations for a sustainable development and so for the future generations. Management of chemicals, new technologies, clean processes involving chemical reactions are among the ways to be explored to repair the harmful effects on our environment. University Clermont Auvergne (UCA) and the National School of Chemistry in Rennes (ENSCR) are particularly adequate to welcome this summer school first of all because of the scientific potential which exists in the field of environmental chemistry and more particularly in that of the water treatment and soil remediation



Participants will be welcomed at the train or bus station of Clermont-Ferrand. At their arrival at Charles-de-Gaulle airport in Paris they will have all the information and tickets to reach the train or bus station in Paris. Electronic tickets will be send in advance to all the participants. Courses will start on Monday 22 2020. 


The school will provide accommodation for all the participants in a new residences offering single room with private bathroom. The residences are located 5 to 10 minutes away from the teaching class or laboratories by walk.


All meals are included in the price of the school (breakfasts, lunches and dinners) and will take place in university restaurants or in the residences. Buffets will also be organized in other places (restaurants, outside the cities for special events).


The transfer of the participants between Clermont-Ferrand and Rennes will be Friday 3rd July 2020 by bus.

Participants will be provided with the Clermont-Ferrand and Rennes public transport pass at their arrival and for three weeks. This pass gives access to unlimited travel in the cities of Clermont-Ferrand and Rennes.


The end of the school and return to China will be Saturday 11th July 2020. The participants will take the train between Rennes and Paris in the morning.



I) Spectroscopy and Photochemistry (3 h)

- C1-1:  Introduction to the Photochemistry – Pr Sarakha (UCA)

- C1-2:  Introduction to water (photo)-chemistry and radical reactions - Pr Brigante (UCA)


II) Analytical chemistry (3 h)

- C2-1:  Introduction and fundamentals of separation techniques (Dr Voyard, CNRS-UCA)

- C2-2:  HPLC and Ionic chromatography instrumentation - (Dr Voyard, CNRS-UCA)


III) Biological and chemical depollution processes (6 h)

- C3-1:  Semiconductor photocatalysis (Pr Mailhot UCA)

- C3-2:  Fundamental of Microbiology (Pr Besse Hoggan, CNRS UCA)

- C3-3:  Biodegradation and Phytoremediation (Pr Besse Hoggan, CNRS UCA)


IV) Iron chemistry and application to the depollution processes (7.5 h)

- C4-1:  Water balance on Earth (resource, repartition and pollution) (Pr Mailhot, CNRS-UCA)

- C4-2:  Water treatments (drinking water, wastewater) (Pr Mailhot, CNRS-UCA)

- C4-3:  Iron, occurrence and water (photo)-chemistry: principles and applications (Pr Mailhot, CNRS-UCA)

- C4-4:  Use of iron species in advanced oxidation processes (AOP’s) Advantages, outlooks and future prospects (Pr Mailhot, CNRS-UCA)

- C4-5:  Application of hypervalent iron for environmental remediation (Dr Mailhot UCA)


V) Adsorption, photocatalysis and chemical Engineering (9 h)

- C5-1: Introduction (Pr Hanna, ENSCR)

- C5-2: Adsorption processes: water and gas treatment (Dr Giraudet, ENSCR)

- C5-3: Porous solids and characterization (Dr Giraudet, ENSCR)

- C5-4: Porous media and applications (Dr Giraudet, ENSCR)

- C5-5: Photocatalysis: reactors modelling and process extrapolation (Dr Assadi, ENSCR)

- C5-6: Nonthermal plasma and catalytic plasma (Dr Assadi, ENSCR)


VI) Chemical speciation in water and soils, and thermodynamic modeling (7.5 h)

  • C6-1- Introduction to (geo)chemical speciation modelling (Pr Hanna and Dr Marsac, Geosciences Rennes)
  • C6-2- (Geo)Chemical speciation modelling with PHREEQC (Dr Marsac, Geosciences Rennes)
  • C6-3- Practical exercizes Part 1 (Dr Marsac, Geosciences Rennes)
  • C6-4- Practical exercizes Part 2 (Dr Marsac, Geosciences Rennes)
  • C6-5- pH-EH predominance diagrams with Phreeplot (Dr Marsac, Geosciences Rennes)



Practical work (13.5 h):

1) Use of Fenton and photo-Fenton reaction for pollutants removal in water (Pr. Brigante and Pr. Mailhot)

2) Analysis of involving species using spectroscopic tools (Pr. Brigante and Dr. Voyard)

3) Involvement of reactive species and degradation pathways (Pr. Brigante and Dr. Voyard)

4) Adsorption and redox reactions: implications and applications (2x1h30, Dr Giraudet and Pr Hanna)

5) Nonthermal plasma, Catalytic plasma and photocatalysis (1h30, Dr Assadi)

Projets de recherche encadrés, TP, visites scientifiques, autres activités d’initiation à la recherche.

Scientific visits:

- The Institute of Chemistry of Clermont-Ferrand (ICCF) including 5 research groups

- The monitoring center of the atmosphere situated at the top of puy-de-Dôme volcano

- The ISCR Rennes counts on 8 research teams and more than 280 permanent employees

- The ENSCR has about forty research scientists working within 5 research teams


The program of conferences could be modified as a function of the opportunity of visiting professors in the both institution.

1) Pr. Vanessa PREVOT, CNRS - University Clermont-Auvergne, Chemical Institute of Chemistry, vanessa.prevot@uca.fr

"Clay based materials for environmental remediation"

2) Dr. Angelica BIANCO, CNRS - University Clermont-Auvergne (UCA) LaMP, A.Bianco@opgc.fr

"Atmospheric pollution"

3) Pr. Pascale BESSE-HOGGAN, CNRS - University Clermont-Auvergne, Chemical Institute of Chemistry, pascale.besse@uca.fr

"(Micro)Biological remediation of water and soils"

4) Pr Dominique Wolbert, National School of Chemistry Rennes, Institute of Chemical Sciences, dominique.wolbert@ensc-rennes.fr

"Modeling competitive effects of natural organic matters in water treatments".




French courses will be held at FLEURA Centre of the University Clermont Auvergne (UCA) near the Clermont-Ferrand city centre (20 h).


- Welcome reception and dinner offered by the University Clermont Auvergne (UCA).

- Guided tour of the city of Clermont-Ferrand (2 h)

- Guided tour of Lakes and most beautiful churches in Auvergne (1 day)

- Climb from the pass of Ceyssat at the top of puy de Dôme (volcano) and visit of the site with the Temple of Mercury (1 day).

- Guided tour of the city of Rennes and medieval Town of Rennes (2 h).

- Touristic Tour: very famous Mont Saint-Michel and Fougères castle (Brittany Region) (1 day)

All these visits will be framed by professional guides in English


Environmental Sciences:
Chemical Analysis, Characterisation and Remediation of Contaminated Soils and Waters

NAME OF THE SCHOOL: Chemistry & Environmental Sciences: Analysis, Characterization and Remediation of Contaminated Soils and Waters

Welcome date: Saturday 20th June 2020

From Saturday 20t June to Friday 3rd July 2020 at University Clermont Auvergne and from Saturday 4th July to Saturday 11th July at National School of Chemistry of Rennes.

The total number of places is limited to 18 students.

Price : 20 000 RMB

The price does not include the trip from China to Paris.

Accommodation, meals and local transportation are all included

 To apply, please follow the application procedure described on the main page